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The Prom Redo, Sacreola Sweethearts #1.5 — a short story

This standalone short story is my absolute favorite short piece that I’ve written, for Kriss and Chase and for any characters, really. It was so much fun! I hope you enjoy.

When Chase finds out that Kriss didn’t get a proper senior prom all those years ago, he organizes Prom Redo, a full suit affair with a little Chase flair.

Everything is perfect on that warm April night — the glittery dress and the pressed tie, the DJ and the drinks, the telescope borrowed from the amateur astronomy club.

But then an unwelcome guest shows up, offering a gift they’d rather do without…

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Date Night In December, Sacreola Sweethearts #1.1 — an epilogue scene

As a thank-you for my subscribers and those who pre-ordered Skate Cute, here’s a short scene about Kriss and Chase – the December dinner date in the middle of the snowstorm. This one is hinted at in the epilogue of Skate Cute, and it was just too cute to resist landing on the page.

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“The cast is off. You know what that means.”

Her heart did a practice somersault in her chest as she met his gaze across the table. He was wearing that inscrutable smile now, one that she wished her quick scrutiny could decipher.

The cast was off.

Which could mean any number of things. Because any number of physical activities had been put on hold for the last couple of months, thanks to that infamous hunk of plaster—

But then Chase sat forward, propping his left elbow on the table and angling his forearm toward her, his hand open as if to shake hers. His eyes danced with challenge.

“Left-handed arm wrestling match. You and me. Right now…”

Kriss and Chase, Date Night in December

Sneak peak of Skate Cute, Sacreola Sweethearts #1 —
first two chapters

Check out the first two chapters of Skate Cute, a free sneak peek for my subscribers!

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Sneak peak of Ever After, Etc, Sacreola Sweethearts #2

While I was writing Skate Cute, one of the characters just leapt off the page begging to tell more of her own story: Angie Hoffman, Chase’s mom. So of course I obliged!

Ever After, Etc is the second book in the series, taking place a few months after the end of Skate Cute. We’re still in the same town with all the same characters, so readers can find plenty of Chase and Kriss moments tucked into a new plotline with Angie and Ben. Once again, the setting is a cute and quirky small town just like mine, so this story is full of so much local connection, and a whole ton of heart.

The manuscript is in the pre-editing process, soon to be submitted to my publisher. But subscribers can read a sneak peek of the first few chapters below!

Photo credit: Timothy Barlin
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Ever After, Etc

Angie Hoffman knows that happiness doesn’t come in ever after doses. Never mind all the happily-ever-after epilogues she’s written over the decades — those are for the dreamers out there, the escapists, the ones with intact hearts. Happiness for Angie is a steaming caramel latte and a secluded nook in the back of the Snowy Owl Bookshop, with the small town of Sacreola folded around her like a warm hug. 

Ben Thompson isn’t sure the exact moment he started falling for her. She’s been an almost permanent fixture of his bookstore and cafe for years, tucked back in the mystery section typing away on her laptop hour after hour, day after day. But this day, of all days, he’s finally allowed himself to admit the truth his heart can barely handle — somehow he’s ended up in love with Angie Hoffman.

But when an out-of-town developer with a real estate contract threatens to close the book on them both, it will take all the wits of the widowed shop owner and the reclusive romance author to save the day… and find their Happily Ever After.

Stay tuned… More to come!

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