“Art is a byproduct of an act of total attention.”

- Dorothea Lange, photographer

portrait of the author, wearing steampunk leather and holding archery equipment

art is everywhere.

I believe that art is everywhere, and everyone is an artist. So my “art page” isn’t a typical fine art gallery, although some of that is here. But the rest of the page is full of skating pics and cosplay poses and pencil sketches and music compositions and a handful of other random fun and creative adventures. I’m not selling anything here; I’m celebrating creativity in all its wild and wondrous forms. I hope you enjoy it all as much as I have, and...

may art happen to you too!

a gallery of wheels

"Skating is the best detox under the sun." - Kriss, Skate Cute

a gallery of imagination

“There are no mistakes, only happy little accidents.” – Bob Ross

a gallery of awesome

Costumes and cosplay! Because life is too short to not be occasionally epic.

a gallery of wit

I make my own writer T-shirts! I'm just that cool.